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"I help organizations cultivate a dynamic workforce of highly productive individuals who thrive both professionally

and personally"

- Matt Marney

I help companies reduce absenteeism, presenteeism. Reduce insurance premiums. Help companies attract and retain the best talent. Engagement is a buzz word so I help improve engagement. Improve senior teams' physical and mental well-being first to ensure they can lead and manage the rest

My superpower is my ability to explain complicated topics about wellbeing in a simple way with energy and passion. After a decade of being a teacher trainer and speaking at events I’ve realized it never feels like work. learning stuff around wellbeing and teaching it to others feels like a fun hobby to me and I am a natural presenter, its never felt difficult

How I Can Help Your Organization

Stressed Man



Casual Meeting



WITHOUT increasing hours 

Group Seflie




Discussion and color palette selection



Ensure senior management are performing by optimizing physical and mental wellbeing 

Provide solutions to help all staff manage stress better & Improve mental health of employees

Improve cognitive function like focus, attention and boost engagemnt by improving physical wellbeing


Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism 

Track NameMatt Marney Fitness Show
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matt Marney

fitness  show


my flagship CORPORATE programs

The nine core modules are a unique collection drawing from my insights gained in rehab clinics, fitness facilities, and meditation retreats, my core modules offer a strategic approach to both mental and physical health.  I've curated these modules drawing from my expansive journey across diverse health sectors. Through these programs, we aim to position organizational wellness at the forefront of your business strategy. 






lazer sharp focus

boost your productivity in the digital age 

Physical Therapist

the path to pain free:

science and movement for back health

Struggle to keep your attention where it matters in a world filled with notifications and endless to-do lists? This immersive workshop teaches hands-on techniques and science-backed methods to sharpen your focus and conquer distractions. You'll learn how to maintain laser-sharp attention and navigate your day with purpose. Discover how mastering focus can set you on the path to career and life successes

Suffering from persistent back pain? Understand that it's not just about the body; it's about the mind and environment too. Our workshop delves into the multifaceted nature of chronic pain, illuminating the latest in pain science. You'll walk away with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical movement strategies designed to alleviate your discomfort and improve your quality of life

Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. Learn how to turn stress into a powerful ally rather than a foe. Our workshop will guide you through effective stress management techniques that can improve both your mental state and your performance in the workplace."

Experience first-hand the mental and emotional shifts that meditation can bring to your corporate career. Our workshop takes you through easy-to-follow practices that aim to increase focus, reduce stress, and elevate your overall well-being, making you a more effective employee

sit right feel bright


sleep like a pro:

mastering rest for high performance

Gym Equipment

cut through the jargon: 

demystifying exercise lingo



Why your doctor pushes for healthier 


Transform your desk into an oasis of comfort and health. Discover practical solutions to combat poor posture and its wide-ranging effects on your well-being, from mood swings to reduced cognitive function. Learn how to adjust your workspace and habits for a pain-free, more productive day."

Imagine waking up every morning feeling completely refreshed and ready to tackle your day. This dream can be your reality. Our workshop delves into proven sleep hygiene practices designed to help busy professionals break the cycle of sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects on health and job performance.

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fitness information and not sure what to believe? This workshop is your antidote. Grounded in solid research, we'll guide you through the complexities of exercise prescription, offering practical advice to reach your health and fitness goals, even with a packed schedule.

Are you among the 40% of people in the UAE who are pre-diabetic and unaware? Join our eye-opening workshop to understand why doctors persistently recommend exercise and a balanced diet. We'll delve into the link between these chronic conditions and severe health outcomes like heart disease and stroke, offering you a roadmap to better health.


book a taster session for

your Company with me!

Unsure about taking the full leap? Let's make it simple. Dive into my specially designed taster session, a compact yet powerful introduction to the transformative wellness journey we offer. In just 60 to 90 minutes, witness a blend of our finest modules – from the rejuvenating essence of meditation to the practical wisdom of exercise education, and everything in between. 

Whether you're aiming to elevate desk posture, boost focus, or cultivate a culture of holistic health, this session provides a glimpse into the depth and breadth of our expertise. It's the perfect opportunity to preview how our comprehensive program can reshape the well-being narrative of your organization.


Don't just read about the difference – experience it.

"It was a pleasure to have Matthew Marney with us yesterday at Alfa Laval. He introduced to more than 70 colleagues, searching for increased wellbeing at work and reduced stress levels generated by this unprecedented times, different simple techniques or habits that anyone can apply on a daily basis. Thanks Matt Marney and our happiness club for bringing this talented man to guide us." 

- Sergio Hicke

Cluster president Alfa Laval.

India, middle east and Africa

"I very much enjoyed participating in Matt Marney’s stress workshop. The workshop was very informative and goal-orientated, providing us with key takeaways of things to implement after the workshop. Matt made sure to keep all the participants engaged and fully present in the moment. I look forward to participating in future workshops held by Matt" 

- Leen Kayali

Trainee solicitor Clifford Chance LLC

"Matt ran series of thoroughly engaging stress management workshops for our year 13 students. The sessions were underpinned by biological fact and were expertly tailored to the specific needs of the audience but Matt’s true skill is in the way he connects with his audience. He was truly understanding of the students and the challenges of life in year 13, whilst giving practical advice that they could take away there and then. His message was empathetic and empowering in equal measure delivered in a firm, friendly and effervescent manner.​" 

-  Bobby Trivic

Head of 6th form Dubai College


Grow Your Vision

matt marney
fitness show

The Matt Marney Fitness Show is a culmination of Matt’s experience and passion around well-being. The show contains guest interviews and solo shows covering a wide range of topics that all about helping you show up better for the game of life.

Matt delivered an exceptional experience with an energetic attitude for the employees at MBRU during the very informative posture workshop that he held. After the session employees described feeling more aware about their posture and were ready to implement the practical tips shared during the workshop to their work-life. Overall, a  smooth experience from the planning stages to the workshop itself.

Nada Alhajeri

Senior officer partnerships and community engagement. Mohammed Bin RashidUniversity of medicine and health sciences

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