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Meditation Group

meditation for the modern mind

 two-part workshop MADE to EMPOWER YOU WITH TECHNIQUES TO being calm TO a BUSY LIFE

Saturday 25th of May

& 1st of June

Would you like to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and enhance memory and productivity?

Perhaps you'd like to be more present with your family or you just find that life can sometimes be overwhelming?

If the answer is "Yes Matt!" to any of these,

I have great news!

I will be delivering a two-part masterclass specifically designed to help you understand that meditation isn’t just for people who do Yoga or eat a vegan diet, these techniques can help anyone and that includes you!

  • How to stop the wandering mind.  A busy mind can keep you awake at night or stop you focusing on stuff that's important, I will teach you how to create a better relationship with your patterns of thinking and show you how to catch that mind before it wanders.

  • Find the right meditation style for your needs:  I will take you through lots of different meditation techniques to help you find the right style that gives you the results you need

  • Matt’s Stress Management Toolkit: I will be sharing powerful practical tools to manage stress that you will be able to start using the moment you leave class.

  • How to make meditation fit into your busy schedule: Perhaps you think you don’t have time to fit one more thing into your schedule. Don’t worry, I will be sharing my best hacks on how you can fit meditation into your busy day without taking up any more time.

during the two workshop sessions

Sat. 25thmay& 1st June
10am - 11.30am

Location: Al Quoz @Tara Rose Salon

Each Workshop is a 90-minute session



Meditation Class

25th of may

  • How to stop the wandering mind. Most people struggle with a wandering mind, this constant chatter can create stress in the body and stop people being able to stay focused on what they want. Learn how to stop this constant chitter-chatter of the mind and feel more in control.

  • Finding your own meditation-safe space. Discover your best meditation posture (finding your seat). Most people assume you have to sit cross-legged on the floor to meditate but that’s just not true. There are many positions that are supportive to a meditation practice and I will help you find the right one for you.

  • Knowing how and where to start. There are so many apps and different meditation styles available to us today. The challenge is knowing where you should start. I will help you establish which techniques to start with and then how to develop your practice moving forward

Each Workshop is a

90-minute sessions


1st of June

  • Discuss how the meditation has been going between sessions: This is a group discussion where people share how things have been going and feedback is given. 

  • Why and how does meditation actually reduce stress: People are more inclined to do something if they know why they are doing it. I will explain what stress is, the causes, and why these simple techniques are so powerful. The science behind it all.

  • Matt’s Stress Management Toolkit: I will be sharing with you powerful practical tools that you will be able to implement as soon as you leave class. These techniques can start to bring instant relief from overwhelm and anxiety and help support the meditation sessions.

  • Mediation hacks to fit into your busy life without taking up extra time: Busy schedules can make it challenging to find the time to sit down for formal meditation. I will share lots of ideas on how you can fit meditation alongside activities of daily living to ensure you still get the amazing benefits of meditation without having to create more space in an already busy life

  • What to do once the course has finished: Matt will take you through other techniques explaining their benefits and give you a stack of additional resources and suggestions on how you continue to learn and develop once the course has finished. 


Bonus Content!

  • Bonus Session: Enjoy a free 30-minute online session with Matt after the course finishes to discuss any challenges you are facing or simply to help you develop the practice further.

  • Access to guided meditations: You will have free access to guided meditations to support your practice after the course has finished

  • Community Support: Join a WhatsApp group with like minded people for accountability and support


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